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YARA Rules

When cloning YARA rules from other projects, subsets of the following collections are included by default:

Open-Source Tools

We are proud to contribute to the open-source community, without which BinaryAlert would not be possible. BinaryAlert relies on several open-source tools and libraries:

  • backoff: Function decoration for backoff and retry
  • boto3: AWS SDK for Python
  • cbapi: Carbon Black API for Python
  • pyhcl: Python parser for HCL (e.g. Terraform configuration)
  • terraform: Infrastructure-as-Code
  • yara: Pattern matching for malware analysis
  • yara-python: The Python interface for YARA
  • yextend: YARA analysis of archive data

Bundled Software

The following tools are pre-compiled for use in Lambda and included in the BinaryAlert repo: